Press Clipping
2016 GlobalFest: Beats of life

Alright, New York, time for a pop quiz! Ready?

Where can you internationally travel in a matter for a few hours without a passport -aside from the exciting local melting pot neighborhoods of the Big Apple?

If it’s too much to think about then how about a few clues which include an iconic venue. For arguments sake let’s name it Webster Hall.

Add four floors, pack in twelve artists and music lovers from all over to keep you truly entertained while leaving you craving for more.

Double dipping back to Webster Hall on January 17, it was once again a pleasure to rendezvous and celebrate the highly anticipated annual GlobalFest event.

This time around, and as always – the beats of life came alive once again. There are never enough words to describe the importance of music to keep the spirit alive and enlightened.

It’s not easy to catch every act in between the floors especially when attempting to move in and out of groups of people, however, if you were lucky enough to catch a few remaining minutes of the performers’ set – then that is more than sufficient.

First, as a lineup in The Marlin kicking off the energy of the night included Somi (Nigeria), Lakou Mizuk (Haiti), Simon Shaheen (Middle East) and Stelios Petrakis Quartet (Greece).

After a quick shuffle to The Studio to listen to Music Maker Blues Revue (USA), Mariana Sadovksa (Ukraine), French Vintage tunes from Gingkoa, and Debauche representing Mother Russia.

In the Grand Ballroom, the first stamp on the lyrical passport was led by Melaku Belay reviving Ethiopia’s traditional music with the group called Fendika.

Up next and representing Mexico in her wild and crazy costume changes, cabaret and beautiful deep voice was Astrid Hadid, followed by the high impact vitality Afro-champeta and power of Tribu Habaru supporting their Colombia homeland.

Last but not least – The Dhol Foundation straight from South Asia with their bhangra crew brought down the house and closed the night. By the way, their homeland is the UK.

The only possible way to take advantage of every floor is imagining that you are playing live Tetris in Webster Hall. Regardless of how you manage, don’t expect to attend GlobalFest and sit down.

If that’s the case give your tickets away to someone who will appreciate them.

Thank you, GlobalFest for bringing the beats to life and definitely looking forward to meeting up again, next year. For more information on GlobalFest, click here.