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Where Do We Go?

Well, we made it. 2016 is here. Rather than give you a list of resolutions we hope to realize or boast about 2015 accomplishments, we'd rather ask, "where do we go from here?" In other words, what are you going to do to catalyze change? How can we be a part of your creative journey?

Inity Weekly is simply a platform to feature creative works that uplift the voice of the people. Our job is to prove to the world that artistry is activism, and the movement is gaining momentum. Together, let's continue to shine the light, provide the support, and showcase the arts to improve our communities.
Remixed World: globalFEST Provokes, Surprises, and Entertains at its Annual Flagship Festival

Cultural guardians and ebullient party bands. Soul divas and avant-cabaret performers. Music that addresses current headlines, and sounds that summon age-old traditions.

For one night, New York’s Webster Hall becomes home to all of these ideas and to the many faces and offshoots of world music, as globalFEST returns for its 13th edition on Sunday, January 17, 2016. MORE INFO